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  • BILL C-648

    MP Terence Young has introduced Bill C-648 into the House Of Commons. This bill “An Act Respecting the Prevention of Potential Health Risks From Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation” would require  manufacturers of all wireless devices to place specific health warning labels clearly on their outside of their packaging, or face daily penalties including fines and/or imprisonment.

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  • Federal Petition

    The Standing Committee of Health (2010) report recommended that: Health Canada ensure that it has a process in place to receive and respond to reports of adverse reactions to electromagnetic radiation emitting devices.

    Help us encourage Health Minister Ambrose to follow this recommendation by gathering signatures on this Federal Petition.

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  • Canadian Trustees
    That Care

    We support the use of technology in our children’s schools and agree there is tremendous value in providing access to the internet. We feel this can be accomplished more safely without the unnecessary constant bombardment of microwave radiation. We call upon all Canadian school board trustees and candidates for the positon to educate themselves on the issue and commit to the following 4 actions...

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  • Canadian Doctors Study the Effects of Wireless Radiation

    C4ST along with Women’s College Hospital hosted a medical symposium on Sept 12th, bringing together a panel of some of the top minds in North America on this topic. There were over 50 MD’s and other Health Practitioners present.


    See the day’s events here
  • C4ST Letter to Health Minister Ambrose

    On July 15th, 2014 the 60 day public consultation Health Canada committed to regarding the review of Safety Code 6, closed. For over 2 years now C4ST has expressed concern that Safety Code 6 has not kept up with the science and does not provide Canadians adequate protection. See the letter and supporting documentation C4ST sent to Health Minister Rona Ambrose On July 16th, 2014.

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  • Health Canada Ignoring Studies

    Despite asking for public feedback, Health Canada has restricted these responses to scientific and technical responses only, eliminating many of the electrosensitive Canadians from this process. On July 9 2014, C4ST held a press conference to give these Canadians an opportunity to address Health Canada and also to highlight ignored studies in the review of Safety Code 6.

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  • Health Canada

    Over the past several months, with the appointment of Canada’s new Health Minister Rona Ambrose, there has begun a significant shift to improve transparency and process when it comes to serious health issues facing Canadians. Canadians are now looking for Minister Ambrose to focus on keeping Safety Code 6 updated with the rapid advancement of wireless technology and to better protect Canadians, especially children and the electrosensitive.

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  • Health Canada
    Myth Buster

    On Feb 20th, 2014 Health Canada quietly released a document entitled “Busting Myths on Safety Code 6”. This attempt to instil public confidence in safety exposure levels to wireless radiation is using false and unsubstantiated claims. C4ST and experts from around the world have come together to provide the real facts around the specific points Health Canada addresses in their Myth Buster document.

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  • Scientists Speak Out

    On April 1st, 2014 the Royal Society of Canada submitted its Review of Safety Code 6. Despite selecting highly conflicted academics to its review panel, and having to replace three of them after a conflict of interest was exposed in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the panel went ahead with its report. Now two of the Report's official peer reviewers have stepped forward to say something is amiss.

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  • RSC Recommends “NO
    to Safety Code 6

    The Royal Society of Canada has released it’s industry conflicted review of SC6.

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  • C4ST Needs You!

    We are looking for representation in all 308 MP ridings across our great country. Stand out in your community by standing up for them, and the health of every Canadian by joining our devoted team of volunteers. We are looking for individuals who are concerned about elevating personal and public safety by becoming the main liaison between your Member of Parliament and C4ST’s executive.

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Federal Petition
Join the Federal Petition asking Health Canada to ensure that it has a process in place to receive and respond to reports of adverse reactions to electromagnetic radiation emitting devices.

Health Canada

Health Canada Submissions

On July 9 2014, C4ST held a press conference to give these Canadians an opportunity to address Health Canada and to highlight ignored studies in the review of SC6.

BILL C-648

BILL C-648
On Jan. 19th 2015 Oakville MP Terence Young announced multi-party support for his Private member’s Bill requiring manufacturers of wireless devices to place health warnings labels on their packaging.

Code 6

Safety Code 6

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 is meant to ensure that public exposures fall within acceptable guidelines, but are they sufficient?

Your Riding

Represent Your Riding

We are looking for people who are concerned about elevating personal and public safety to represent C4ST in every riding across Canada.  Is that you?

Canadian Trustees
That Care

Canadian Trustees That Care

We call upon all Canadian school board trustees and candidates to educate themselves on the issue of Wi-Fi in the classroom and commit to the following 4 actions...

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News Updates from Canada and Around the World

  • Ignorance Drowns Out Precaution

    The New York Times went into damage control mode yesterday after Nick Bilton, a tech columnist and a rising star at the newspaper, suggested that precaution is the best approach to the use of cell phones and wearable electronics.

    No sooner had Bilton’s column hit print than Margaret Sullivan, the Times’ Public Editor, chastised Bilton for his naive analysis. (It was posted on the Web a day earlier.) Sullivan targeted the lack of “sophisticated evaluation of serious research.” His biggest blunder, according to many readers, was quoting Dr. Joe Mercola, an Internet health entrepreneur. It’s worth mentioning that Mercola is no technophobe. He talked to Bilton on a cell...
  • Los Angeles Supervisors Stop Construction Of Cell Towers At Fire Stations

    ALTADENA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Construction on giant cell towers needed to make Los Angeles County's emergency communication system work has been halted until radiation concerns can be addressed.

    Dozens of firefighters came to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday to let them know they do not want cell towers where they work.

    "The proximity of the towers and people living next to the towers is of grave concern, but it's a very complex issue as to how those radio waves affect people all the way up to three miles away," said Dave Gillotte the president of Los Angeles County Firefighters 1014.

    The towers are going up at fire stations...
  • Canadian MPs Seek Warning Labels on Cellphones, Wi-Fi Devices

    A growing number of Canadian parliamentarians are lending their name in support of a Private Member’s Bill requiring warning labels on cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and even baby monitors sold across Canada.

    Conservative MP Terence Young has introduced a bill calling for safety warnings on all such radiation-emitting wireless devices. Young has represented a federal riding in Oakville, ON since 2008.

    Known officially as Private Member’s Bill C-648, An Act Respecting the Prevention of Potential Health Risks from Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation (Warning Labels for Radio Apparatus Act), the Bill was seconded by NDP Health Critic, Libby Davies.
  • Former Nokia Technology Chief: Mobile Phones Wrecked My Health

    Nokia’s former Technology Chief, Matti Niemelä, was involved in the development the world’s first mobile phones, but fell seriously ill himself from mobile-phone microwave radiation.

    In addition, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Some studies suggest that radiation may increase the risk of even MS.


    For Tampere-based Matti Niemelä, age 44, life was like in the movies when he as a young man was recruited to work for Nokia in 1997. The brilliant young man quickly advanced to become Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer for ten years, and was involved in developing the world’s first mobile phones, memory sticks and WLAN [Wi-Fi]...
  • France: A Law To Regulate Exposure To Electromagnetic Fields

    France: A Law To Regulate Exposure To Electromagnetic Fields
    France - On January 29th, a law governing public exposure to electromagnetic fields generated by wireless technology (base stations, mobile phones, tablets ...) was adopted by the Members of the National Assembly [MNAs]; the first taking into account the potential health risks of radio frequencies.

    The "Law on sobriety, transparency, information and consultation for exposure to electromagnetic waves" appears as a compromise between the supporters of stricter rules of the sector and wireless phone operators, opposed to any regulatory obstacle. "This present text does not fully address all the issues, recognizes the Green MNA who submitted the Bill. However, it is an essential...
  • Does YOUR toddler play on an iPad? Taiwan makes it ILLEGAL for parents to let children under two use electronic gadgets

    Taiwan has banned children under the age of two from using electronic devices such as iPads, televisions and smartphones.

    Parents who allow their young children to play with their gadgets face fines of up to £1,000, in line with a law passed last week.

    The new law also states that parents must ensure that under-18s only use electronic products for a 'reasonable' length of time.

    Taiwanese lawmakers passed the new legislation last Friday, completely banning parents from allowing their under-twos to use any electronic devices, China's official news agency Xinhua reports.

    Meanwhile Taiwanese under-18s are not allowed to 'constantly use electronic...
  • Ex-Microsoft Exec Calls Out Wireless Industry On Radiation Issues

    Published: Monday, 01/19/2015 4:48 pm EST
    Last Updated: Monday, 01/19/2015 9:24 pm EST

    OTTAWA — The former president of Microsoft Corp.'s Canadian operations is calling on companies involved in wireless technology to be more forthcoming in addressing what he says are health risks associated with exposure to signals transmitted from various devices.

    Frank Clegg, president of Microsoft Canada from 1990 to 2004, is now CEO of a group called Canadians For Safe Technology (C4ST). He was in Ottawa Monday to help promote a private member's bill (Bill C-648) tabled by Conservative MP Terence Young. The bill, if passed, would require labels...
  • Wall Street’s Cell Phone Litigation Problem

    It is 1987 and Gordon Gekko stands on a windswept beach with a cell phone to his ear. He is talking on the world’s first mobile phone – the Motorola DynaTac 8000X. It wasn’t cheap back then costing $3,995 – which in today’s terms is close to $9,000. Not surprising only the wealthiest could afford these phones, and Wall Street was the epicentre of an industry that became a global phenomenon over the next decades.

    Wall Street execs were the first to use cell phones. They have used them the longest and the most intensively. They were the first to upgrade to more powerful units. It is perhaps not surprising therefore that it is Wall Street firms that are the ‘canary in...
  • 44 Reasons To Believe Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer

    Cell phones emit microwave radio-frequency radiation. Fact.

    This radiation has the ability to penetrate our bodies. Fact.

    Our governments do virtually nothing to protect us from these dangers. Fact.

    And yet there is strong evidence, multiple peer reviewed studies, to indicate that cell phones cause cancer and other diseases.

    Take a look for yourself at these facts.

    But first let’s just consider what cancer is.

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  • Cellphones Fry Young Brains

    Cellphones Fry Young Brains

    The Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) has issued a stern warning: giving children cellphones and other wireless technology devices carries enormous risks.

    "Their skulls and brains are still developing and the radiation from cellphones practically 'cooks' their brains," said Professor Michael Herbst, head of health at Cansa.

    A child's brain is cased in a thinner skull and absorbs more radiation than that of an adult.

    Dr Devra Davis, president of Environmental Health Trust, a group of global epidemiologists, said: "Retailers are going all out to make devices affordable, and parents are clamouring to buy them. But the standards...

  • Wi-Fi Crusaders Prompt Edmonton Catholic School Board To Reconsider Technology Policies

    Marcey Kliparchuk and Gina Shimoda have been campaigning schools to reconsider the Wi-Fi policies and possible negative effects on students for the last four years.
    Two Edmonton parents are hoping to flick the switch on Wi-Fi in local schools, urging the city’s school districts to reconsider current policies for the technology.

    Marcey Kliparchuk, a local teacher for Edmonton public, said she was first inspired to research the negative effects of Wi-Fi after learning a cell phone tower was being built next to her school.

    Four years later, Kliparchuk and her fellow Wi-Fi crusader Gina Shimoda have prompted Edmonton Catholic Schools to take a look at their current Wi-Fi policy.

    At a school board meeting last week, ECS trustee Marilyn Bergstra asked the district’s administration to bring forward recommendations for...
  • Tablets Could Be Harming Kids’ Health, Study Says

    They are being embraced by educators as important learning tools, but some health experts are warning that tablets and smartphones can have harmful health effects, especially on young, developing children.

    Dr. Devra Davis, President of Environmental Health Trust, says microwave radiation from the devices pose significant risks to children.

    “The radiation from a cellphone, which is a two-way microwave radio, gets twice as deep into the head of a child as an adult,” she said.

    “Those who begin to use cellphones...
  • Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent

    While some tech parents assign limits based on time, others are much stricter about what their children are allowed to do with screens. Credit Jonathan Nackstrand/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
    When Steve Jobs was running Apple, he was known to call journalists to either pat them on the back for a recent article or, more often than not, explain how they got it wrong. I was on the receiving end of a few of those calls. But nothing shocked me more than something Mr. Jobs said to me in late 2010 after he had finished chewing me out for something I had written about an iPad shortcoming.

    “So, your kids must love the iPad?” I asked Mr. Jobs, trying to change the subject. The company’s first tablet was just hitting the shelves. “They haven’t used it,” he told me. “We limit how much technology our kids use at home.”

    I’m sure I responded with a...
  • Precaution or Paranoia? Berkeley May Require Cancer Warning Stickers for Cell Phones

    Just as the world supply of mobile phones is reaching one unit for every human being on Earth, here comes Berkeley, with a warning: These things could be hazardous to your health.

    Under a proposed city ordinance, every new mobile phone sold in town would carry a sticker advising that the World Health Organization has deemed transmissions from cell phones a “possible” cause of brain cancer. Berkeley could become the first city in the United States to require such a warning, but the...
  • ETFO Supports Recommendation That Health Canada Improve Communications Regarding Safe Use Of Wireless Technology

    TORONTO, Aug. 12, 2014 /CNW/ - The Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario (ETFO) supports an Expert Panel recommendation that Health Canada provide the public with more information about radiofrequency energy, and the safe use of wireless technology.

    "It would make sense for Health Canada to put this recommendation into the context of the classroom, and develop a resource for the safe use of wireless technology in our school communities," said ETFO President Sam Hammond.

    According to a 2013 national survey by the Canadian Teachers' Federation, more than half of Canadian teachers were concerned about lack of information from school boards to teachers, students and...
  • SaskPower To Remove 105,000 Smart Meters Following Fires

    This smart meter on the side of a home in Saskatoon was destroyed by fire in an incident reported earlier this week. (Brad McNairn)
    The Saskatchewan government has ordered its power utility SaskPower to remove 105,000 so-called smart meters installed at homes and businesses across the province, following concerns about eight unexplained fires associated with the units.

    The minister responsible for the provincial Crown corporation, Bill Boyd, announced the move Wednesday.

    "The concerns about safety are paramount here," Boyd told reporters in Regina. "The concerns are significant enough that we believe that any time that families are at risk here in Saskatchewan, actions have to be taken. That's why we've directed SaskPower accordingly."

  • Kids Are At Risk Of Biological Damage Results From Microwave Radiation Emitted By Wireless Devices

    A scholarly article on wireless safety, published online in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure, reports that children and fetuses are the most at risk from neurological and biological damage that results from microwave radiation emitted by wireless devices, due to the higher rate of absorption of microwave radiation by children than by adults. The paper is available on the following link:http://cdn.news-medical.net/pics/remote.gif) 100% 0%...
  • Berkeley Pushes For Cancer Warning Stickers On Cell Phones

    Berkeley Pushes For Cancer Warning Stickers On Cell Phones
    Berkeley, undaunted by abandoned efforts in San Francisco, is attempting to become the first city in the nation to require retailers to put stickers on cell phone packaging warning people that the devices may emit cancer-causing radiation.

    City officials say they have learned from San Francisco's similar attempt in 2010, which ended two years later with a defeat in federal court and the Board of Supervisors ultimately withdrawing the ordinance.

    "Cell phones are a risk, and I believe the public has a right to information that's credible, readable and understandable about the device they're using," said Berkeley City Councilman Max Anderson, who's co-sponsoring the...
  • Canada Considers Input on Wi Fi Safety, Wireless Health Concerns

    Canada Considers Input on Wi Fi Safety, Wireless Health Concerns
    The open window for public input on wireless radiation and RF safety in Canada has closed, but the debate about possible negative health impacts from using wireless devices rages on.

    Health Canada closed its consultation and comment period last week. Having noted a significant stakeholder interest in RF safety, the government agency encouraged interested parties to provide commentary and make suggestions about Wi-Fi safety, wireless device usage and related health concerns.

    Canada’s safety code for wireless devices and wi fi emissions is being reviewed for possible updates and revisions, and it will be released this fall.
    Health Canada says it will finalize...
  • Wireless Radiation Exposure Code 'Fails to Protect Canadians'

    Wireless Radiation Exposure Code 'Fails to Protect Canadians'

    Health Canada’s proposed update to its safety code for wireless radiation exposure ignores current research and “fails to protect Canadians from their own cellphones,” say experts.

    A group of Canadian physicians has written to Health Canada about Safety Code 6, the microwave radiation safety guidelines policy. The federal government has invited public comment on its proposed changes, and the doctors, along with a non-profit group called Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST), say they fail to factor in dozens of studies that demonstrate the harmful effects of exposure to everyday technology: cellphones, baby monitors, and even cars and refrigerators.

    “Our very...

  • Concerns over Wi-Fi Health Issues as Investigative Panel Challenged for Bias

    Concerns over Wi-Fi Health Issues as Investigative Panel Challenged for Bias
    The topic is hotly debated, and the experts on both sides have studies to which they can point with some confidence that show ‘conclusively’ different results.

    Nevertheless, many Canadians complain of illness or sickness due to wireless radiation from cell phones, cell towers, smart meters and Wi-Fi; they have formed advocacy groups, made presentations to official bodies and lobbied government for regulatory changes and reviews of Canada’s safety levels for microwave radiation exposure.

    They’re concerned about electro sensitivity (ES), a descriptive term given to symptoms believed to be caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Other names for ES...
  • World's Biggest Study Into How Mobiles Affect Young Brains

    A £1million investigation in to the affects of mobile phone on the attention span and memory of young people has been launched by scientists
    The world’s largest ever study into whether mobile phones are interfering with children’s brains has been launched by British scientists.

    The £1million investigation will examine whether memory, attention and other thinking skills are affected by radiation from the devices.

    The findings of the study, which will involve 2,500 children aged 11 and 12, will help update advice to parents about safe levels of use. Current guidelines are a decade old.

    An estimated 70 per cent of 11- to 12-year-olds in the UK now own a mobile phone. By age 14, the figure is 90 per cent.

    There is no conclusive evidence that mobile phones damage adult health.
  • Wifi Fears: Three-Year Study Into Health Risks Of Mobiles To Children's Brains

    The study will monitor the cognitive development of 11 to 14-year-olds | Photo: Alamy
    Thousands of schoolchildren are to be enrolled in a three-year study to find out if mobiles and wi-fi are damaging their brains.

    The study, which has been commissioned by the Department of Health and is being carried out by Imperial College and the University of London, will monitor the cognitive development of 11 to 14-year-olds.

    Youngsters will be asked to install an app on their phones which will capture the duration of calls, texts and internet use. Their brain function will be measured in Year 7 and again in Year 9.

    "We need to investigate because it is a new technology," Professor Paul Elliot, director of Medical Research Council Centre for...
  • Could WiFi In Schools Be Harming Our Kids?

    Why are some Canadian schools installing WiFi while France is limiting exposure? (Naomi Buck for The Globe and Mail)
    Students in Lindsay Freedman’s split Grade 3/4 class at Red Willow Public School are working away on tablets, laptops and iPods. It’s Bring Your Own Device day, a regular occurrence here, and supplementing the devices brought from home are 20 school-owned iPads. Freedman walks around the classroom, marvelling at her students’ instant embrace of the online presentation app she’s just introduced. “They’re an instant motivator,” she says, referring to the tools in their hands.

    Red Willow belongs to the Peel District School Board (near Toronto), one of several across Canada that have adopted WiFi throughout its schools, an embrace of 21st-century technologies designed...
  • Wilderness Wi-Fi Won’t Enhance the Great Outdoors

    Spirit Island on Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park: all that's missing is free Wi-Fi. | HUGH LECKY / THE CANADIAN PRESS
    Once a quintessential sound of Canada’s North, the call of the loon appears passé compared to funny cat videos. At least Parks Canada seems to think so.

    It has plans to create wireless Internet hot-spots in up to 50 national parks and historic sites this year and later tripling that number.

    Once treasured as a way of “getting away from it all,” a visit to the great outdoors could henceforth mean not getting away at all — not from Miley Cyrus twerking videos, the brother-in-law’s latest selfie, messages from work, Rob Ford jokes, Star Wars Day and Facebook friends who “like” the photo you took of your lunch.

    Who cares about some loon when...
  • Canada Post Removes Wi-Fi

    Canada Post
    Canada Post Removes Wi-Fi to provide  barrier free access to their buildings to those suffering from EHS.

    "As a customer-focused company, we are very much aware of the need to provide barrier-free access to our post offices and dealerships. We have established specific guidelines to ensure the accessibility of our facilities. The EHS issue is not one about which many customers have expressed concern; however, we very much want to ensure everyone can visit our post offices easily and without discomfort. There are no plans at this time to install WiFi systems in our post offices on a national scale."
  • Federal Wi-Fi Safety Report is Deeply Flawed, Say Experts

    Federal Wi-Fi Safety Report is Deeply Flawed, Say Experts

    A new review of Health Canada's safety standards for radiofrequency devices, including Wi-Fi and cellphones, is deeply flawed due to the authors' conflicts of interest and lack of expertise, say two scientists. The Royal Society of Canada's (RSC) Expert Panel Report on the Review of Safety Code 6: Potential Health Risks of Radiofrequency Fields endorses current safety standards while calling for more research. The RSC invited the two scientists to peer review the report.

    The RSC's eight-member panel "actively blinded themselves to vital evidence," says Martin Blank, an expert on the effects of electromagnetic radiation and special lecturer at the Columbia University Medical...

  • Frank Clegg on 1290 AM CJBK, London ON (April 12, 2014)

    Following the publication of the RSC Review of Health Canada's Safety Code 6, Frank Clegg speaks to Andy Oudman and Pam Killeen on Newstalk 1290 and explains why he's unhappy with the "rubber stamp" that the RSC has given.
  • How will Health Canada deal with RSC Review and Canadians?

    How will Health Canada deal with RSC Review and Canadians? Source - Chris Oakley
    Canada's Royal Society (equivalent to the US' National Academies of Science) has just completed an evaluation of the county's safety standards for wireless devices like Wi-Fi and cellphones. The review, done at the behest of Health Canada, concludes that the existing standards appear sufficient, and there's no clear evidence of any risks posed by lower exposure. But the repport suggests that the government has done a poor job of explaining why it's adopted the standards it has.

    Parents who have called for Wi-Fi bans in schools will no doubt be disappointed, as will those who claim to be sensitive...
  • Knesset Panel: Education Ministry Acting to Reduce Radiation in Schools (Israel)

    Miki Katz prepares for her first day of school to kita alef, 26 August 2013. Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post
    Parents complained they believe their children are exposed to radiation on a daily basis from wireless computer networks.

    The Education Ministry has instructed all schools to perform radiation tests in accordance with the Environmental Protection Ministry said Noam Koriat, director of the Organization, Development and Knowledge Management Department at the Education Ministry on Wednesday.

    He made these remarks at a Knesset Education Committee meeting convened to discuss the issue of radiation in schools following complaints by parents and parent organizations.

    According to Koriat pre-schools and kindergartens have banned the use of...
  • 10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12

    The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Society of Pediatrics state infants aged 0-2 years should not have any exposure to technology, 3-5 years be restricted to one hour per day, and 6-18 years restricted to 2 hours per day (AAP 2001/13, CPS 2010). Children and youth use 4-5 times the recommended amount of technology, with serious and often life threatening consequences (Kaiser Foundation 2010, Active Healthy Kids Canada 2012). Handheld devices (cell phones, tablets, electronic games) have dramatically increased the accessibility and usage of technology, especially by very young children (Common Sense Media, 2013). As a pediatric occupational therapist, I'm calling on...
  • Wireless Industry Kills Maine's Cell Phone Radiation Warning Label Bill

    Maine's cell phone radiation awareness bill, "The Wireless Information Act (LD 1013)," died today because the House of Representatives failed to enact it on a 77-60 vote. Although this is usually a routine matter after a bill has been approved by both the House and Senate, I've been informed that industry lobbyists killed the bill by co-opting the House leadership.

    Besides Maine, Industry lobbyists have killed cell phone radiation awareness bills in at least four other states including California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Why does the cellular industry continue to hide from the public the RF safety information contained in the cell phone user manuals? Isn't this...
  • As Goes Maine, So Goes the Nation: Maine Legislature Passes First in the Nation State-Wide Law Requiring Cellphone Makers to Tell the Public About Radio Frequency Radiation

    By a 2-1 majority, this week the Maine House of Representatives passed the Wireless Information Act sponsored by Representative Andrea Boland. Despite opposition from Maine Attorney General Janet Mills who sided with industry’s argument that the law was unconstitutional, this Act provides that manufacturers must make available to the public legible information regarding exposure to radiofrequency radiation from cell phones. Currently that information is seldom seen by consumers, although it is required in Israel, France, India and many other technologically sophisticated nations.

    You may read the full press release by visiting:
  • WHO Knew: The Elephant in the Room

    Monday, February 3, 2014 was a very strange day in London. Only the weather was predictable. A cold rain fell as a dais of scientists faced a room full of reporters in the Royal Society Library’s Special Events Room on Carlton House Terrace. With its pillared roots going back to the 1600s, the Royal Society Library had welcomed scientists from all over the world for centuries.

    On this day, two scientists distinguished themselves as authors of the thick, glossy tome that was almost the biggest presence in the press briefing. Co-authors Prof. Bernard Stewart, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales and Christopher Wild, PhD, Director of the World Health...

  • New Cell Tower Policy Step in Right Direction

    New Cell Tower Policy Step in Right Direction
    New rules on cell tower construction announced by the federal government this month are a step in the right direction, says Oakville-based Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST).

    The policy, which promises to keep local residents and municipal governments at the forefront of the tower placement process, closes a major loophole and provides residents with notification on a telecom company’s intentions to build new antenna towers in their community, the local lobby group told the Oakville Beaver recently.

    Wendy Perkins, C4ST’s national team co-lead for legislative change, said in the past, a telecom company was only required to consult with the community when it...
  • Oakville MP Terence Young addresses House of Commons re: improvements to cell tower location process

    Mr. Terence Young (Oakville, CPC): Mr. Speaker, last week our government announced important improvements to the process for improving cellular tower locations. We have given Canadians a far greater say into where cellular towers may be built in their communities.

    In Oakville, Bell Canada ignored local residents, placing cellular antennae in residential areas, in one case 13 metres from a house, without giving any notice to the local residents, ignoring homeowners many of whom are its own customers. Our policy...

  • Council hears wireless health concerns

    Maple Ridge should follow Toronto and pass a Prudent Avoidance Policy regarding cellphone towers in the district, a Canadians for Safe Technology speaker told council last week.

    “We are requesting this review,” Ron McNutt said at council’s committee meeting.

    The policy calls for the city to review radio frequency levels when companies are installing cell towers and requests that cellphone companies keep emissions from those towers at one per cent of the levels set by Industry Canada’s Safety Code 6, which guides public exposure.

    The policy is voluntary because communications is a federal issue that’s regulated by Industry Canada.

    Late last...

  • Canada lagging behind China and Russia: Safety Code 6 needs to be updated now

    Canada lagging behind China and Russia: Safety Code 6 needs to be updated now

    Many parents assume that if a wireless gadget is in the marketplace, it is safe for children. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. During the holiday season, I can only imagine how many children received a cell phone or tablet and how few families read the fine print; safety is not guaranteed and worse, Canada’s Safety Code 6 is an antiquated regulation that lags behind Russia and China. We must do better.

    Industry Canada Minister James Moore’s recent announcement regarding improved notification of cell tower requests for towers less than 15 metres is a very important first step in improving the process to avoid the placement of cell towers where families can be...

  • PRESS RELEASE - Canadians for Safe Technology Praise Federal Action on Cell Towers

    PRESS RELEASE - Canadians for Safe Technology Praise Federal Action on Cell Towers
    OTTAWA, Feb. 5, 2014 /CNW/ - Today, the Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST) applaud federal Industry Minister, the Honourable James Moore, for his assertive action that limits cellular companies' ability to build communications towers in communities unchecked and now requires more open consultation and engagement with citizens before new cellular towers under 15m can be built.
    The announcement means that this outdated legislative loophole will be closed. The regulated exemption of communications towers under 15m arose during World War ll as a means of allowing ham radio operators to assist in war efforts. This loophole has allowed particularly egregious commercial sitings of towers,...
  • Wireless firms must consult with Canadians on cell towers: Moore

    Wireless firms must consult with Canadians on cell towers: Moore

    Industry Minister James Moore has announced that telecommunications companies will be required to consult with communities when it comes to building new cellphone towers, regardless of their size.

    This addressed the loophole under current federal regulations, where cellphone companies are not required to notify municipalities if towers being built are under 15 metres high. That led to many companies building towers across Canada just under the height limit, therefore bypassing the requirement to engage with communities.

  • INVISIBLE THREAT - The Link Between Wireless Radiation and a Host of Serious Illnesses

    Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada, is now an advocate for wireless radiation safety
    It has been three years since the World Health Organization shocked the medical community by warning that exposure to microwave radiation from wireless devices might increase our cancer risk. If the same elite cancer specialists were to meet again today, the warning would be upgraded from a “possible carcinogen” to a “probable carcinogen.” That is according to Professor Emeritus Anthony Miller, of the University of Toronto, who was speaking recently to Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. (1)

    Since 2011, governments around the world have alerted their populations to approach wireless devices with caution. In Belgium, it will soon be illegal to sell or...
  • In France: New Federal Law About Phone and Network Radiation Emissions

    A relay antenna mobile. | Elsie esq / Flickr.
    A law for limiting exposure to electromagnetic waves was adopted by The National Assembly of France.

    Emerging news reports are in French. Our understanding is that various political parties worked for over one year preparing this law. This will now go to the Senate,  if it is also adopted by the Senate in France, it will:
    • prohibit targeted advertising and promotion of mobile phones, tablets, and other devices to children younger than 14;
    • ban wi-fi equipment in nurseries and care facilities where there are young children;
    • apply sobriety-like principles regarding network tower and antenna electromagnetic emissions and hotspots and human...
  • German Court Ruling on Cell Antennas

    Federal Court of Justice of Germany (BGH)—Cell phone antennas on rooftops only with consent of all shared property owners

    Apartment owners of a condominium association must not enforce the installation of cell phone antennas on their rooftop against the will of individual apartment owners.

    The Federal Court of Justice of Germany (BGH) in Karlsruhe announced this decision in its ruling on Friday. Due to the controversy over possible health effects from cell phone antennas,
    there is “at least the serious possibility of a reduction in the rental or sales value of the condominiums,” the explanation said.
    Therefore, all apartment owners would have to...
  • GERoNiMO - New European EMF Health Effects Project

    GERoNiMO participants at kick-off meeting in Barcelona - 16th-17th January 2014 (Photo: Payam Dadvand)
    The European population is increasingly exposed to new physical and chemical agents in the environment, some of which may be damaging to health. Among these, electromagnetic fields (EMF) are one of the most widespread, and their application in new technologies continues to grow, with novel uses being actively developed and commercialised. Although there is some concern among the public and public health professionals alike about possible health effects related to EMF, results of studies to date are inconsistent.

    The GERoNiMO (Generalised EMF Research using Novel Methods) project, which is being launched this month, proposes to close gaps of knowledge on health effects of EMF...
  • Trial Begins on San Francisco PROW Ordinance

    LA Trial Begins on San Fran Ordinance re wireless in public rights-of-way.

    Following along with the trail of:

    Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco
    Case Number: CGC 11 510703
  • No Mobile Towers Near Schools, Hospitals, Directs Raj HC

    Holding mobile towers as a health hazard, the Rajasthan High Court today directed telecom service providers operating in the state to remove within two months their towers falling in the vicinity of schools, hospitals and play grounds.

    The division bench of Chief Justice Arun Mishra and Justice N K Jain Senior held that radiations emitted from mobile phones and mobile base towers are "hazardous to children and patients", as accepted by the inter-ministerial committee of Central Government, and needs relocation from school, colleges, hospitals and play grounds immediately.

    The order, running into more than 200 pages, has asked all the mobile companies of the country...
  • Cell Tower Plan Nixed In Bronte Village

    Cell tower plan nixed in Bronte Village
    A 14.9-metre Bell Mobility cell tower proposed for 3135 Lakeshore Rd. W., will not be built.

    The company abandoned the project, Bell Canada representative Jason Laszlo confirmed Monday, but declined to divulge the reason.

    “We no longer plan to build a site at this location, but are working with the municipality to improve wireless coverage in the area to meet growing demand,” said Laszlo in an email to the Oakville Beaver.

    The proposed tower, which residents became aware of in July, was unpopular with the surrounding community, where residents voiced concerns about the possible health impacts of having a cell tower so close to homes.

  • Rogers and Bell Agree to Remove Equipment Pending Review of Safety Code 6

    Rogers Tower Good Till 2033
    SIMCOE - Norfolk council has extended its commitment to a cell phone antenna in Simcoe that was at the centre of a health controversy several years ago.

    The Rogers transmitter on the Simcoe water tower will remain there till at least March 31, 2033, provided that Health Canada doesn’t declare it a threat to public health.

    Rogers Communications sought the lease extension in 2012. County staff was amenable, provided Rogers agree to a clause that would force the removal of equipment that did not meet Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 for the emission of electromagnetic radiation.

    Norfolk public works has inserted a similar clause in its lease with Bell...
  • Wind Mobile's Withdrawal A Major Blow To Tories, But Verizon May Be Back

    The Harper government went to war with Canada’s big wireless companies, and lost. (Canadian Press photo)
    The Harper government went to war with Canada’s big wireless companies, and lost. But there may yet be time for a rematch.

    That’s the message coming from many telecom experts reacting this week to the news that Wind Mobile, the likeliest candidate to become a fourth national carrier, has withdrawn from a crucial auction of wireless spectrum.

    It's the Tories' goal to add a fourth major wireless player to Canada's market, a change they say will bring better prices and service to wireless customers, thanks to increased competition. It's a goal they set out in last year's throne speech.

    The auction of 700 Mhz spectrum was supposed to be a major turning...
  • Effects Of Electromagnetic Waves On Human Brain

    The effect of mobile electromagnetic radiation on human health is the subject of new interest and study. Mobile or cellular phones are now an essential part of modern telecommunications. Radiation is energy and we are being exposed to radiation from numeral sources. It occurs when unstable nuclei of atoms decay and release particles.

    With the use of astonishing increase in mobiles phones research findings provide at least some information concerning how specific types may sway biological tissue, including that of the brain. However, the sharp cell phone exposure affects the human brain is unclear. As human brain is very sensitive so these waves may affects brain function in...
  • UAE To Measure Radiation Emission In Smart Classrooms

    The Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program in cooperation with the Telecommunications Regulations Authority (TRA) announced today that it will be conducting a study to measure the levels of radiation emitted by electronic devices in smart classrooms.

    The study will take place in one of the 440 classrooms across the UAE that are already using smart learning technologies. The study will follow a scientific methodology that uses innovative, state of the art ways to measure the level of emitted radiation.

    The aim from the study is to ensure that radiation emitted from wifi coverage and electronic devices used at schools is within international safety guidelines as...
  • Health Impacts of RF Radiation: Media Blackout on Smart Meter Dangers

    Major power utilities continue to deploy “smart” electrical meters on businesses and private residences throughout the United States and Canada. Yet those in North America and elsewhere remain in the dark on the negative health effects of such devices that systematically blast their homes with radio-frequency (RF) radiation on a minute-by-minute, round-the-clock basis.

    In 2009 the Obama administration partnered with utilities by allocating $3.4 billion in federal stimulus funds toward building a nationwide “smart grid,” where smart meters figure centrally.[1] The project is part of President Obama’s “Climate Action Plan” that under United Nations auspices seeks to...
  • Here's The Worst Place To Carry A Cell Phone

    Could smart phones be slowly killing us? Some experts feel we’re living in an Alice-in-Wonderland world if we ignore radiation from these electronic devices. So today, here’s an example of what can go wrong.

    The Environmental Health Trust’s Newsletter reports an unusual case. A young woman, with no predisposing risk factors for cancer, made a practical decision. She decided to carry her cell phone in her bra. Today with so many cell phones being snatched from people, I give her top marks for ingenuity and increased security.

    Unfortunately, she developed breast cancer. But what shocked doctors was that the pattern of the cancer lined up perfectly with the shape...
  • City of Guelph Calls for Moratorium on Towers/Antenna Until Safety Code 6 is Revised

    City of Guelph
    The City of Guelph has joined the towns of Oakville and Thorold in asking Industry Canada to put a moratorium on all cell tower/antenna installations until Safety Code 6 has been revised. On December 16th Guelph Council unanimously passed the following:

    That the City of Guelph calls upon the Minister of Industry not to approve any new radio communications facilities within the City of Guelph until the review of Safety Code 6 is completed.

    That the City of Guelph’s resolution be forwarded to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), the Prime Minister of Canada and Cabinet, and all...
  • 4G - An Increase of 50% Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves

    4G - An Increase of 50% Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves
    A report on exposure to radio waves emitted by mobile phone masts was published.

    Following a roundtable on RF initiated by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and the State Secretariat for Strategic Studies and development of the digital economy, an operational committee the subject has been established.

    COPIC. His mission? Study the feasibility of lowering exposure to electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phone masts while maintaining quality coverage. As the COPIC, he has published its report on the results obtained on 16 experimental areas.

    A low level of...